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Advent Gift Boxes began as the vision of John and Sandra Towler in 2012. Loving the festive season and frustrated with the range of Advent Calendars suitable for grown ups they decided to design and market their own, filled with high quality gifts.

In response to customer feedback they developed a 'Make Your Own Calendar Kit', an empty advent calendar box which people could fill with their own choice of gifts, as well as a range of family designs.

In 2016 they designed a '12 Day's of Christmas' gift box containing 12 alcohol miniatures, which are intended to be given as a Christmas present. The 12 drawers can then be opened from Boxing Day to January 6th (if the recipient can wait that long!)- the traditional medieval '12 days of Christmas.'

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An innovative and novel idea based on a traditional theme

Who doesn’t remember having an advent calendar as a child – opening a door each day of Advent as the countdown to Christmas began in earnest?

We invite you to take some time out, each day of December, and enjoy discovering a ­different treat in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Advent Gift Boxes hold 24 drawers – one for each day of Advent – which can be filled with a variety of different gifts. The attractively designed box makes an ideal centre piece for your Christmas card ­display and provides an imaginative and fun way of counting down to Christmas. They can be bought ready filled or as a craft kit.