How did the concept of Advent Gift Boxes develop?

A friend was given 24 numbered bottles of beer at the end of November 2011  - one for each day of December leading up to Christmas.

We loved the idea of an Advent Calendar for older teenagers and ‘grown ups’. We started working on a design, and with the help of Kentmere Packaging at Staveley, we eventually produced and manufactured the 24 drawer Gift Box.
Environment Award winning Windermere firm Badger Press produced the artwork and helped us with marketing and the design and building of an e-commerce website.

Last Advent we trialled the Gift Boxes at a variety of Food Festivals and Christmas Events and received lots of positive feedback as well as helpful suggestions.

One idea was that people would enjoy making the Gift Boxes themselves and filling them with their own choice of gifts – so we produced a self-assemble kit!

Last year in response to customer comments we designed a '12 Days of Christmas Gift Box. Based on a similar design to the original Advent Gift Box it contains 12 drawers each large enough to hold a 5cl miniature bottle of alcohol.

The response to last year’s trial was very positive with a lot of customers appreciating that it could be given as a Christmas Gift designed to have a drawer opened on each of the traditional 12 Days of Christmas from Boxing Day through to January 6th. As someone commented, it really is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.

This year as well as a wide selection of alcohols we are planning to fill them with fudges and traditional sweets.

Valentine's Gift Box with Miniature Gin's and Whisky's